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Climbers have a strong culture and connection to nature. But all their gear speaks against that, it’s technical, it’s the lightest, it’s the strongest, but it is alien to the nature context.

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I wanted to create a chalk bag that incorporated three elements: functionality, emotional value and a strong symbolic tie to nature. 

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Each creature I chose  is closely related to different settings of the outdoors. They also have their own personalities and I wanted to capture that in the material and texture chosen for each one of them



Process included making multiple prototypes, testing the prototypes and producing the final product for sale.

Sasquatch_with logo.jpg


Sasquatch is out there, looking at you, somewhere through the trees. Let him acompany you in your quest into the mysterious outdoors!

Mammoth_with logo.jpg


The mammoth, though he actually existed, has gained himself the status of mythological. Go becom mythological like him!

jackalope_with logo.jpg


The jackalope, a jackrabbit with antlers, is said to imitate the sound of human voice to elude danger. Let him protect you!

chupacabra with logo.jpg


The chupacabra is a reptile-alien like creature that is said to drain small animals’ bood. Let his energy fuel you!

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